Monday, April 20, 2009

Marijuana "more dangerous" than alcohol or tobacco, US Attorney blows smoke up law students' asses

Of course, US Attorney Russoniello is right, marijuana is far more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco, but not for any reasons that are given.

It is more dangerous for the simple fact that once you've tried pot and seen how absolutely un-dangerous it is, you realize that the US government lies to you.

And if it is willing to lie to you about something as relatively insignificant as the health implications of the occasional toke, how much more is the state willing to lie to you in matters of real importance --- like bailing out Wall Street banks with tax payer monies, invading countries that haven't threatened us, or pretending that carbon caps and trading will have any real effect on global warming.

Once you realize you can't trust the government, you start to wonder about your church and the local Chamber of Commerce. And then all hell breaks lose...
Joe Russoniello, US Attorney for the Northern District of California (a Bush appointee), says at a Hastings Law School forum that all medical marijuana dispensaries are profiteering operations in violaton of state law and therefore “fair game” for DEA raiders. He asserts that marijuana is “a more dangerous substance” than alcohol or tobacco... Dispensary operators who draw “reasonable compensation” and who only obtain their cannabis from and sell it to collective members hope they can be distinguished from “egregious offenders.”
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