Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The coming collapse and our lack of a roadmap

Of course the author of this piece advocates using psychedelics as an adjunct to spiritual practice, and so he can be dismissed out of hand. I wonder what happens, though, when we try to dismiss the grim reality that he notes is unfolding around us.

Mother Nature bats last.
At best, we may have a year or 18 months before the system fails us entirely. After that, money, in its current form, may have no value at all, as basic trust in our institutions evaporates.
If the global financial system goes down, what will have value, and how will value be exchanged? How will we maintain the inextricably complex support systems that sustain billions of human lives in our globalized world?
Put in the simplest terms, then, our global society is going to have to undergo a rapid – almost instant – transition from competitive and possessive behavior to cooperation and sharing if we want our species to survive, let alone thrive, into the future. Considering the ecological crisis of species extinction and climate change and the fragility of our support systems, this change has to happen in an extraordinarily compressed timeframe. What we don’t have yet is a realistic plan of action that gets us from here to there.
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