Thursday, October 23, 2008

Secession? A new civil war?

I've long thought that the "Culture Wars" in the US would more appropriately be called the "Cold Civil War." While we shouldn't put too much stock (ok, any stock) in what one blog commentator says, it still chills me that this sentiment is floating around.

If Obama wins, what are all these incredibly disaffected reactionary theocrats going to do? Secede? Assassinate? Or just undermine?

Part of me wishes they would secede. At least then the rest of us could get along with the business of the 21st century, while these medieval morons burn the non-Bibles, grow their cotton and tobacco, and salivate contemplating all the hell-bound.

Thank you for making the suggestion that the Southern States should secede and form our own country again. Exactly as I as a Southerner was thinking. This campaign is almost exactly the way it was in 1861. Everyone in the South always is saying we shall rise again. Well now is our time. We would be a flourishing, happy and agreeing country lead by a great military hero as John Mccain is and helped by Sarah Palin, a truly devoted and smart woman. Let us stand up against the liberals in Washington and make Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and all the honorable Confederate soldiers proud of us today for standing up for God, what is right, and our beliefs. We have been held captive by the yankee liberals of the North far too long. It is time we form the Confederacy again. We would all agree politicly and not one ounce of our Southern Soil will be tainted by the foot of a liberal like Osama A.K.A. Obama.
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It's also fun to remember that the "yankee liberals of the North" hold the South "in captivity" by supporting them with our tax dollars. Statistics show time and again that we, the liberal yankees, are the ones who pay taxes, get educations, have functioning marriages, etc. I guess this poster defines "flourishing" differently than do we damnyankees with our liberal, high-falutin' dictionaries.

(And yes, I know that many in the South don't share this poster's perspective from the shallow end of the gene pool, but come on, start repudiating these turds loud and clear.)

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