Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin's debate flow (and ebb) chart

How is it possible that this moron is considered the "winner" of the VP debate by a relatively sizable percentage of the viewing public?

She doesn't know anything other than her strongly held opinions, and even had the audacity to tell the moderator of the debate that she wouldn't answer any questions she didn't feel like answering.

I teach college courses, and if a student told me at the beginning of an exam that there were questions she wouldn't answer, I'd say fine, "F," and leave it at that. Since when is not answering debate questions (like ignoring subpoenas) acceptable? Oh, right. Ever since it is what the Republicans started doing, which means that, by definition, it is now OK (but only when they do it).

America, if you really want this twit in power, you are hopeless.
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Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart
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