Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The "Filter of the Mainstream Media": What Palin Means

I agree with Palin 100% that the mainstream media is a filter. These are the same media, after all, that told us (1) Bush won the election in 2000, (2) Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that if we didn't invade there would be a mushroom cloud, and (3) that if we didn't hand over $700 billion to Wall Street immediately and without question then the sky would fall. The mainstream media are definitely a filter: all perspectives in conformity with the worldview of the media's corporate owners get through, all alternatives are relegated to the margins or beyond.

But that's not what Palin means.

What she means is that the pesky media doesn't simply serve as a platform for her to rip on Obama. That gosh darned media wants to ask her hard questions about such non-issues as: her history as Alaska Governor, the economy, the "war" in Iraq, massive home foreclosures, foreign policy experience, domestic policy issues, etc.

Palin, like the folks she appeals to, knows that the purpose of all these tough political questions is to make her/them feel stupid. They also know that what really needs to be discussed is Obama's middle name.

Keep in mind that even if Obama wins in November, Palin and the morons to whom she appeals will still be with us. That thought keeps me awake at night.

clipped from www.cbsnews.com
Palin has devoted a significant portion of every one of her stump speeches in recent days to lamenting that the “filter of the mainstream media” has not given her a chance to do what she really wants to do: talk about the issues. But in filter-free forums across the country, Palin continues to speak in generalities about where she and John McCain want to take the country, calling for tax cuts, winning the wars, and reforming government, while providing very few details on how she would accomplish those goals.

Instead, Palin has increasingly focused her remarks on tearing down Obama.
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