Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Socialism: Hanging together rather than hanging separately

Last night Mom and I got onto the topic of socialism. Change is indeed in the air.

If you're reading this, Mom, the paragraph below pretty much sums up "socialism." Not a bad idea, huh?

Now, if you’re a wealthy person, then it is, perhaps, in your own self-interest to oppose socialism. Then again, there are rich Swedes, too.

But if you want to know what socialism means to the average American, it means not having to fret constantly about how to afford health insurance, only to find that you are not covered when you actually need it.

It means you can go to college without getting stuck with a huge, ever-expanding ball of debt you can never actually pay.

It means getting too old to work doesn’t doom you to spend your remaining years in shameful poverty.

It means you don’t have to step over old men in the street, feigning deafness to their pathetic pleas.

It means, in real, non-metaphorical terms, a better life for all of us, with less worry, less fear, less dread that any day, for reasons beyond your control, a stroke of fate can cause your whole life to fall apart.

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