Thursday, October 16, 2008

The voters' sense of the people

This paragraph reveals why USAmerican democracy is dead in the water. While it admits that all the bullshit discussed during the election season really has nothing to do with the deep doo-doo in which we find ourselves, it still emphasizes that the key to the election is the "voters' sense of the people they are choosing between."

In other words, our next president is a product chosen on the basis of whose commercial makes voters feel better, regardless of their policies and overall approach to the world in which we actually live.

As Rome burns, we fiddle with the knobs on our TV screens.
So is Mr. Obama really a stand-in for Mr. Ayers? Is Mr. McCain really a latter-day Mr. Wallace or Mr. Bush? What was this all about? With the election less than three weeks away, the two candidates were still trying to shape voters’ impressions of each other by linking them with known figures and pronouncing a little guilt by association. All of this might seem beside the point in the midst of two wars and an economic collapse but key to any election is the voters’ sense of the people they are choosing between.
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