Tuesday, October 7, 2008

MSNBC stumping for Palin?

Both today and yesterday, MSNBC has been airing what appears to be full stump speeches from Sarah Palin.
Really, once the networks got changed from public service -- where they were not expected to make a profit -- to our toxic brand of capitalism that seems willing to poison our markets, our environment and our political discourse as long as it makes money, the news is under different constraints, and they're looking...to stir up the controversy so the McCain-Palin lies can make the race closer and make it better for their business covering them.

If, MSNBC, you want to run all four candidates' stump speeches throughout the day, fine.

If you're only running Palin as it appears you are, knock it off.

It is extremely unfair to give the Palin-McCain ticket (no, it's not a typo I made) this free publicity for them to knock down Obama with their lies and manipulations.

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