Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jesus Love You, So Vote for Me

What is the relationship between Jesus loving your and your voting for Lexi for president? That's right. There is none. Rather, this student is just doing what politicians, and advertisers before them, have done: take an emotionally potent notion (e.g., Jesus loves you, Mom loves you, etc.), associate it with something completely unrelated (e.g., vote for Lexi, Campbell's soup is good food, etc.) and sell the latter based on the appeal of the former.

That our citizenry don't even really notice this process and how radically undemocratic it is (I'm voting for Jesus loving me, not Lexi leading, for example) is pretty revealing. And scary.

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A religious poster is at the center of a campaign controversy in a Clay County elementary school.
One student council candidate at Thunderbolt Elementary has posted signs that state, "Jesus Loves You; Lexi For Prez."
Clay County school officials said because a student made the poster and it is not offensive, it is all right for school.
"It's a poster created by a student, not by the school, not by the district," Clay County spokeswoman Darlene Mahla. "It doesn't insult anyone. Again, it's not inflammatory and it's not what the law calls school sponsored speech."
Jesus Loves You; Lexi For Prez
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