Thursday, September 18, 2008

Disposable heroes of our hypocrisy

Because of economics, because they wanted to open Wall Street. Being a USAmerican hero means taking the bullet, not asking why the gun was fired in the first place.
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"They've left us in the dust because it's about money. Had they given us treatment from the get-go, a great majority of people would not be dying a painful, painful slow death. We're walking time-bombs - our time is limited. And 9/11 and the exposure to toxins and not getting treated in time have shortened our lives."
"Christie Todd Whitman lied to the men and woman on that pile and said the air was safe to go back to work because of economics - because they wanted to open Wall Street. Men and woman who risked their lives without questions are now getting sicker and dying. We were given a death sentence – we just don’t know when we’re going to die.”
"Most of America wants to just forget about 9/11. And you know what America? So help me God I don't blame ya. But just understand - there's people like us out there who can't forget.
In the very beginning it was, 'You guys are our heroes', and now they want us swept under the carpet."
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