Sunday, September 14, 2008

USAmericans have ceased taking ourselves seriously and don't care who notices

Ms Palin is a symbol of deep American introversion, of the fact that
you have ceased to take yourselves seriously and, more important, don't
much care who knows it. Arguments over the relationship between the
wider world and your choices have become irrelevant. You have detached
yourself, finally, from the global community. This is isolationism as
never before conceived. "American" in my life has been lingua franca,
for better or ill. Now you talk to yourself.

And you talk, my friends, in the sort of gibberish that once you
spurned. It's not about Ms Palin, as such. It is about the process that
creates a candidate-grin manipulated to serve darkness, ignorance,
fear, a war economy, and the flaunting of stupidity.

Nice going.

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