Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The final dumbing down and ruralization of the Republican Party

Regular Americans need to realize that Christian nationalists and their ilk are our version of fanatical ayatollahs. The Republicans have realized this and continue to capitalize on it.
Palin's emergence simply confirms the final dumbing down and ruralization of the Republican Party, and its metamorphosis into a right wing politico-religious movement.
McCain chose Palin as his running mate because she is an in-your-face, born-again, evangelical Christian. Some 44-50% of Republican voters now call themselves evangelical Christians.
Evangelical TV ayatollahs have become major political figures on America's right.

The evangelist's view of foreign policy is simple. Either wicked France, Russia or the UN is the anti-Christ (take your pick). Muslims are evil and a menace. Israel is the paramount foreign policy issue. Support for Israel must be absolute and unlimited. All Palestinians must be expelled from the biblical Holy Land, the world's Jews gathered therein, and converted. Then the Messiah will return, Armageddon will come and Earth will be consumed by fire and brimstone.

Only born-again Christians will survive and be teleported up to heaven. The rest of us will roast.

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