Wednesday, September 10, 2008

McCain: Reckless, impetuous, hot-tempered, and one foot in the grave

If McCain is elected, as remains an excellent possibility, Palin would be truly a heartbeat from the presidency for the next four years. In the event of his death while in office, as is quite possible given the life spans of both his father and paternal grandfather (who died respectively at the ages of 70 and 61), our nation would be led by an Alaskan hockey-mom (in her words, “a pit- bull wearing lipstick”) with little background in politics and no familiarity with economics, foreign relations, or the history of our nation.
In the simplest terms, then, a very reckless presidential candidate recklessly chose a very reckless neophyte as his running mate, and now the most powerful nation in the world stands an excellent chance of being ruled very recklessly by the two of them, perhaps in tandem sequence, first both of them arm in arm and then Palin alone.
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