Friday, September 12, 2008

Terrorism Watch 101: Keep an eye on your neighbor's window garden

How many news stories like this must we read before we realize that the so-called War on Terror took an already not-very-bright population and turned them into pant-shitting cretins? If growing a plant in your front yard means you are a terrorist suspect, what in the holy hell doesn't constitute grounds for suspicion?

Luckily, the local yokel cops are on the case, determining if this plant is OK for a free citizen to grow on his own property. And since we've already got a populace so dense that it already accepts the criminalization of growing a one particular plant (e.g., cannabis), it shouldn't take too much to give us a Department of Homeland Security Approved Garden Varieties list.

Because, you know, if your neighbor gardens without government supervision, then the terrorists have already won.
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A startled homeowner got a visit from Orem Police Tuesday afternoon. They were interested in a plant that he was growing by his mailbox in the front yard. They were so interested that they put a call into Homeland Security. No, it wasn’t marijuana. It was a castor bean plant.
Castor beans themselves are poisonous and are used in the manufacture of the super-deadly poison, Ricin. They are also used to make something as innocent as castor oil.
Orem police have not given us their verdict on the castor bean plant, but it is not illegal. In fact, only the District of Columbia “strongly discourages” the sale of castor bean seeds. And ABC 4 could not find any contemporary effort to either restrict or ban the plant.

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