Monday, September 22, 2008

Terror and security: More theatre than substance

Of course, it isn't surprising in the least that USAmericans are given the appearance of security rather than the real thing. After generations of eating "processed American cheese food product" and calling it cheese, we USAmericans simply can't tell the difference between reality and artifice any longer.

Hence McCain's polling numbers.
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It's like there's not a huge improvement in actual security, but there's a large step up in the amount of acting, and theater, happening.
I didn't expect the postponements, delays, we can't dismiss this now because the media is paying too much attention. That just seemed totally, totally backwards, right? That should not be the focus of the justice system.
I happened to wear the wrong shirt on the wrong day to the wrong place and all of a sudden, here's two years of dealing with this, and I should make an apology for the over-reaction of a bunch of other people who heard that I was doing something wrong and didn't make their decisions based on facts. Now I'm being punished for something they've admitted was not a charge they could pursue.
I believed that police were nice, friendly folks before last September. And my opinion has changed drastically in that respect.
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