Wednesday, September 10, 2008

McCain campaign sinks to new low, Obama needs to get pissed

This "sex ed" ad the McCain campaign just launched is waaaay over the line. After a parade of out-of-context quotes, it shows Obama smirking naughtily as the voiceover talks about him wanting to provide "comprehensive" sex education to Kindergarteners. The voiceover by itself is hard-hitting, but together with the visuals, the ad basically paints Obama as a pedophile.
Obama needs to call their bluff. He should say he is proud of that legislation, because it helps protect little children from being preyed on by pedophiles, and as the parent of two young daughters, he wants to do everything he can to keep them safe... And it is despicable that John McCain would try to twist that into something sexually perverted to score political points. John McCain personally approved that message. It is beyond outrageous, it is shameful.
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