Friday, September 19, 2008

Palin: A strange blending of evangelical Christian and MILF sexuality

What is so strange about the Palin phenomena is this overt blending of the sexual with the evangelical: what is even stranger is that no one really seems to notice.
Accusations of sexism are tedious in this context. Obviously Sarah Palin is being treated differently because she is a woman: indeed, this seems to be something the Republican Party is banking on for her voter appeal.
One of the dazzling legacies of the Bush administration, along with a crippled economy and a few mutilated countries, is after all the decisive rupture between intelligence and America’s leadership. Palin, the hockey mom, doesn’t need to be smart; she just needs some more time to perfect her lines.
The doll that obediently rehearses, then precociously (well – perhaps in her next set of interviews) recites the lines that are music to a Republican’s ears and his Viagra-infused hard-on.
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