Friday, September 12, 2008

More War on Terror stupidity

They turned off the water hydrants post-9/11 to prevent terrorists from accessing the water? How fricking stupid is that? And if all you need to turn them back on again is a "tool" just how terrorist-proof was that plan to begin with?

Something (i.e., my cerebrum) tells me the "post-9/11" crap is just the post-hoc rationalization for a stupid policy. Hodges probably hopes that half of the morons out there will gulp it down and ask for seconds. And he's probably right.

I won't hold my breath waiting for someone to declare the war on stupidity.
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A North Texas homeowner wants you to learn from his family's tragedy. The fire hydrants in his neighborhood are turned off. But he didn't know that until June 24th, the night his house caught fire.

[Clay Hodges, general manager of Cash Special Utility District] explains all the district's hydrants, including those in Alexander Ranch, have had their water turned off since just after 9/11...
"These hydrants need to be cut off in a way to prevent vandalism or any kind of terrorist activity, including something in the water lines," Hodges said.
But Hodges says fire departments know, or should have known, the water valves can be turned back on with a tool.

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