Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Wall Street "bailout" rewritten as a blackmail drama

Luckily, from what I've been reading, many USAmericans refuse to take this lying down, and their anger is spreading across party lines. Please take the time to call your Congressthings and Senile-tors to demand that they not simply fork over $700 billion of our hard-earned dollars to these criminals.
FADE IN: Our camera eye sees nearly two dozen people in a conference room. They appear serious and somewhat anxious.
The phone rings.
An FBI agent in charge says, "OK, senator, answer it."
CLOSE-UP SHOT: The senator carefully picks up the phone.
VOICEOVER: A man's voice can be heard, low and menacing.

"Do you have the money?"
"We are having trouble putting that much money together," the senator says. He is stalling for time.

"Listen carefully, senator. We are holding something we think you want. If you want it back safe and sound, deliver the $700 billion today, or the economy's dead. Understand?"
"But if you kill the economy, you'll be in big trouble, and you'll get caught, sooner or later."

The voice on the other end laughs a confident laugh.

"Senator, you'll never catch us. We won't spend a day in jail. We have connections in high places."
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