Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wall Street's misfortune could spread? What do you call the last eight years?

Guess what assholes? Wall Street's good fortunes have already spread misery and misfortune far and wide. Millions of jobs have been exported, benefits slashed, unions castrated, and homes repossessed. If that is Wall Street working for the people, then maybe it's about time that Wall Street took a flaming dive.

And since when are OUR representatives supposed to be shills for Wall Street, giving us their pep talks. Pathetic.
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With Main Street up in arms over a proposed $700 billion financial bailout of Wall Street, lawmakers turned to top U.S. officials to make the case for them that failure to act would unleash a financial armageddon.

While most congressional leaders have conceded something must be done to avert an economic crisis, they have had little success so far in explaining to the electorate why Wall Street's misfortune could soon spread far and wide.

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