Friday, September 5, 2008

New transmission infrastructure requires "rethinking"

Because this requires "rethinking," I have no hope that it will take place in the US in my lifetime. Call me a pessimist, but when you have choose a VP candidate in part because of her troglodyte, Bronze Age religious credentials, you ain't too concerned with "rethinking" things. And if you're afraid of appearing too "out there" (like accepting science as the best means for ascertaining facts that we Home sapiens have yet developed) then you, like most Democrats, will also resist "rethinking."
Since almost all low-carbon electricity generation technologies are heavily dependent on developing new transmission infrastructure, significant investments in transmission are essential for the transition to a lower carbon future.
A renewed investment in our outdated transmission system is a priority for other reasons as well. A stronger grid will be more reliable and more resilient in the face of potential disruptions caused by accidents or terrorist attacks.
Of course, rethinking and ultimately reshaping the nation's electric grid is no small task. While the benefits of solving the country's transmission problems significantly outweigh the costs of the required investment, enacting the policies that will allow this investment to take place will require a hard-fought battle against entrenched political interests.

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