Friday, September 5, 2008

The politics of resentment

Nietzsche was a century ahead of his time. He pointed out that Christianity failed its own test by harboring and fostering resentment, rather than working on the whole forgiveness thing. Here we see that culture of unexamined resentment coming to fruition.
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What struck me as I watched the convention speeches, however, is how much of the anger on the right is based not on the claim that Democrats have done bad things, but on the perception - generally based on no evidence whatsoever - that Democrats look down their noses at regular people.
Thus Mr. Giuliani asserted that Wasilla, Alaska, isn't "flashy enough" for Mr. Obama, who never said any such thing. And Ms. Palin asserted that Democrats "look down" on small-town mayors - again, without any evidence.
What the G.O.P. is selling, in other words, is the pure politics of resentment; you're supposed to vote Republican to stick it to an elite that thinks it's better than you.

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