Monday, September 8, 2008

The solution is to count your change

Here's a powerful metaphor for how many of us feel in these dark times. When will the majority realize that we are lost and that finding our bearings is more important than taking yet another inventory?
I am walking with a group of people in the wild lands over rough and mixed terrain. I don’t have a good sense of what direction to go in to get back to something; say, back to my car. The others don’t seem to notice that they don’t know where they are going. I realize that getting my bearings is a first priority, but the others are demanding that I repeatedly count the change in my pocket and do inventories of my daypack.

I try to explain to them: “Things have changed. We’ve been lost for too long. We’ve got to get back, got to pay attention to the distant horizon and find our way.”

And they say: “Count your change again. Check off on this form that you have these items.”

I try, but have no attention. I want to study the terrain, take compass readings, estimate where we are, figure a line of travel. No one is interested. It has been settled. The solution is to count your change.
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