Friday, September 5, 2008

The very notion of the "liberal media" is one of the most inane myths in American politics

Of course, the American people have demonstrated a propensity for believing inane myths. For example, consider the ongoing "debate" in the US over whether or not schools should teach that the entire universe was created in just 144 hours.
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The very notion of the "Liberal Media" is one of the most inane myths in American politics -- something spat out and repeated in the lowest right-wing sewers for so long that it has become conventional wisdom
The media's contempt for both John Kerry and Al Gore was matched only by their reverence for George Bush's swagger. The first several months of media coverage this year was dominated by Jerimiah Wright, lapel pins, bowling scores, Bittergate and elitism. And it is highly unlikely that there has even been a time in American history when the media was as subservient to Government as they were during the Bush era. It's literally hard to imagine a claim that ought to be more discredited in general than the notion of the "liberal media" and its "anti-Republican bias."
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