Friday, September 5, 2008

Conformity and double-standards in the news industry

The double-standard is evident for all who have eyes to see. The world saw the U.S.' reputation plummet in the wake of the Iraq invasion; the U.S. saw no such thing. Bush, without a sense of irony, said that nations don't unilaterally invade nations in the 21st century. You are either blind or brainwashed to miss that hypocrisy.
Everything in the media starts from the assumption that ’We mean well,’ and from the unspoken, indeed unthought, assumption that this claim need never be questioned. This isn’t just a matter of choice — career success depends on it.
It simply isn’t done for corporate journalism to expose the true goals of Western corporate titans and their militant state allies. The preferred realm of discourse is restricted to nonsense about “security”, “democracy” and other “humanitarian” goals.
The bias is clear, but the deeper point is far more interesting — the entrenched propaganda function of the mainstream media renders it incapable of making sense of events in Georgia and South Ossetia. References to Russian self-interest are allowed, and to Western concerns about energy security. But on the real reasons why people were killing and dying, on how Western state violence consistently supports Western corporate greed, journalists have had next to nothing to say.
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