Friday, September 5, 2008

Thoughts on conformity

I struggle with my own sometimes-involuntary non-conformity on a daily basis. Like most (wink wink) I got into non-conformity as a teenager; I cemented it when I got rid of cable TV a decade ago. (Nothing makes you a non-conformist like not knowing what was on the tube last night.) It definitely has an impact on my "upward mobility," but I can't unlearn what I know.
How much upward mobility do nonconformists enjoy at your place of business? What’s their employment expectancy?
Make no mistake. Conformity is a control mechanism that keeps the United Corporations of America sputtering along, unhealthy of course, but productive enough to keep the shareholders comfy. We may not he headed in the right direction, but our lemming-esque locomotion is a marvel of multi-media-induced coordination, social engineering and perpetual, material-assuaged surrender.
This is the world we live in. “Jumping off a bridge” used to be considered aberrant behavior, but now it’s the norm. Metaphorically speaking, we jump off bridges every day, because it’s exactly what everyone else is doing, it’s what’s expected of us and we don’t have the courage to deviate from the norm.
If you don’t want your kids jumping off bridges like everyone else, lead by example.
Until we stop jumping off bridges, our advice to our children is just effective reverse psychology.
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