Thursday, September 4, 2008

False conservative-liberal fight distracts attention from growing police state

This from a Reagan appointee. Roberts puts to the lie Bush's claim that only the "angry Left" are critics of his administration and of McCain's candidacy. In fact, most contemporary talk about "liberals" and "conservatives" merely assumes definitions that have little or nothing to do with the actual meaning of those terms (e.g., "liberal" as traitorous, immoral, other; "conservative" as thuggish religious zealot).

Why does Frank think that conservatives or liberals rule?

Neither rule. America is ruled by organized interest groups with money to elect candidates who serve their interests.

The true American conservative does not believe in foreign wars. In US history, conservatives were derided by liberals as “isolationists.”

There is nothing conservative about launching wars of aggression on the basis of lies and deception in order to control the direction of oil pipelines and to enhance Israeli territorial expansion.

A false conservative-liberal fight distracts attention from the growing police state that is destroying civil liberties for all Americans.
Frank shows that the Republicans have spawned a new generation of brownshirts that lust to imprison, torture, and kill people. These ignorant bloodthirsty thugs see enemies everywhere and fervently desire to nuke them all. The Republican brownshirts are equally willing to kill American critics of the Bush regime as to kill Taliban and al Qaeda.
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