Thursday, September 4, 2008

What's wrong with faith-based initiatives

A waiver surrendering the right to exercise one's own religious practice --- breathtaking! If the policy is to do it until they get caught, what do we do when they're the ones guarding the henhouse. This stuff only benefits the incipient Christian fascists.
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Teen Challenge, Americans United pointed out, requires participants to take part in prayer, worship, Bible study and other religious activities.  Program participants must sign a “Civil Rights Waiver” in which each surrenders the right to “exercis[e] the religion of my choice.”
“Bush administration officials have claimed that they do not fund religious activities, but this grant suggests otherwise,” he continued. “Apparently their policy is to do it until they get caught.”
“Tax funds were being funneled to this organization even though it openly boasts about its religious content, and there’s no evidence its approach even works,” Lynn said. “This incident is a perfect example of what’s so wrong with faith-based initiatives.”
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