Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our "data shadows," ourselves

One more reason why I regard our entire technological project with a jaded eye. To paraphrase Bill McKibben, when human-scale values collide with those of the potentially transhuman era, human-scale values take a beating. After all, what else would you call it when my actual lived existence becomes "secondary" to the data abstracted from that existence?

One of my big questions concerns the role of technology in our liberation and subjugation. Will the ever-expanding world "information technology" provide the escape from a future of neo-feudalism, or is it instead the very midwife for that bleak future?
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It seems to me that our data shadows are becoming increasingly distinct from us, almost with a life of their own. What's important now is our shadows; we're secondary. And as our society relies more and more on these shadows, we might even become unnecessary.

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