Thursday, September 4, 2008

Reaganomics: abysmal failure

Good luck educating the American people to see through the free market gospel they've heard preached from the minarets of Capital. Most folks still have trouble with the Bronze Age sky-god stuff.

To bring democracy back to the US and free ourselves from the chains of special interests we need to educate people about the hypocrisy and evils of free markets and deregulation. We do this by exposing the conservatives, Reaganites and their ilk for the mess they put us in. We need to show all those that have party or group affiliations to Reagan principles for what they are — a failed parasitic policy.

We must not be swayed by false short-term delusions of hope such as offshore drilling. The surge of deregulation and free markets is what put us in the mess we are in.

Reaganomics has been an abysmal failure. Only by addressing the fundamental causes can we hope to find a solution.

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